About Us



ITW Dynatec was formed through the merger of LTI, Mercer and Macon in 1992 when purchased by ITW (Illinois Tool Works). We now have manufacturing operations in China, Japan, Germany and France in addition to our headquarters/manufacturing in Hendersonville, TN, USA.

About Us:

ITW Dynatec is a global supplier of adhesive application solutions for various industries such as Packaging, Disposable Hygiene Products, Coating & Laminating and many more. We have a unique company profile with an individual genetic code, history and strength. A driving force behind our success is the implementation of the ITW Toolbox. These proven strategies and techniques guide our business process, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive margin growth and profitability. We go to market with a combination of qualified direct sales and service people and well trained, skilled distributors who are able to sell the value that our products bring to customers worldwide. ITW Dynatec believes Quality, Innovation & Sustainability are the underlying principles of our long term success. We attract and retain high quality employees that are motivated to contribute to the growth of our global business. Our mission is to help our worldwide customers manufacture superior products with less waste, improved quality and reduced consumables.


  • ITW Dynatec products and services will be reliable beyond our customers’ expectations. We will serve as the industry standard for product performance in accuracy, longevity, reliability and innovation.
  • Quality is essential in our products, but also in all information and communication we share with our internal and external customers worldwide.
  • Our services to internal and external customers set a new standard for operational excellence.
  • Our employees possess diverse talents and maintain the most advanced training and utmost professionalism. ITW Dynatec values performance, self-motivation and team orientation.
  • For our customers, employees and communities, we are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace that meets or exceeds the local standards.


  • ITW Dynatec offer customers in our strategic business segments substantial advantages over our competitors through innovative technologies and quality solutions. 
  • In all of our product development activities, innovation will be the highest priority. 
  • Innovation is not limited to products and technologies. We openly consider new ideas and new business models to lead the market with original concepts and true added value.
  • Innovation is our growth engine.


  • Continuous efficiency improvement, waste reduction, safety and the sound management of people and environment will lead us to long-term growth and profitability.
  • Sustainability involves all aspects of our business including manufacturing, product development, procurement, distribution and people.
  • We will act responsibly and ethically, employing processes that are compliant with internal and external rules and regulations.   
  • ITW Dynatec creates products and processes that conserve resources and respect the environment.

ITW Dynatec is an operating unit of ITW (Illinois Tool Works) and as such is decentralized and able to focus on our customers. By actively practicing teamwork with customers and suppliers, the men and women of ITW Dynatec are creating competitively superior products, solutions and work environments.

ITW Dynatec is an ISO 9001 registered firm.

ITW Dynatec was recently awarded the Volunteer Star by OSHA for unparalleled safety in operations.

ITW Dynatec | 31 Volunteer Drive | Hendersonville, TN 37075| USA | Phone: 615.824.3634 | Fax: 615.264.5248 | info@itwdynatec.com